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The Impact of Specialized Sex Offender Legislation on Community Reentry
The authors sought to examine the impact of notification and residence restriction statutes on sex offender reintegration. Although previous research has primarily sampled sex offenders receivingExpand
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Clinical outcomes of defendants in mental health court.
OBJECTIVE Mental health courts successfully divert defendants into treatment. However, few studies have examined whether this increased access to services positively affects client outcomes. ThisExpand
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An Examination of Suicide Attempts Among Incarcerated Sex Offenders
Little is known about suicide attempts among sex offenders. This study examines the rates of nonfatal suicide attempts among a sample (N = 3,030) of incarcerated male sex offenders. Overall, theExpand
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The Prevalence and Correlates of Depression and Hopelessness among Sex Offenders Subject to Community Notification and Residence Restriction Legislation
Little research has investigated the prevalence of mood disturbance among sex offenders despite the fact that psychological distress may bear some relationship to community reintegration, andExpand
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An Evaluation of Sex Offender Residency Restriction Functioning in Town, County, and City-Wide Jurisdictions
Residency restrictions prohibit sex offenders from living within close proximity to schools and other areas where children congregate. Though widely implemented, little empirical research has yetExpand
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Risk and the preventive detention of sex offenders in Australia and the United States.
The development of recent statutory schemes, in both the United States and Australia, aim to keep the most dangerous sex offenders detained beyond the expiration of their prison sentence. In KansasExpand
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Educational Development Program for Residency Program Directors and Coordinators
Background: Residency program directors and program coordinators have increasing demands placed on them by accrediting agencies and require educational development specifically tailored to theirExpand
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An Exploration of Crossover Sexual Offending
Studies have produced equivocal findings regarding whether sex offenders are stable in their choice of victims. Indeed, it remains unclear whether a sex offender’s subsequent victims are typically ofExpand
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Perceived Relevance of Factors for Violence Risk Assessment: A Survey of Clinicians
Although there has been extensive research on violence risk assessment in the past decade, it has not been examined whether clinicians in actual practice consider violence risk factors thatExpand
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Impact of simulation training on self-efficacy of outpatient health care providers to use electronic health records
OBJECTIVES To examine whether simulation training enhanced self-efficacy of physicians and nurses who work in the outpatient setting to use electronic medical records, and whether the trainingExpand
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