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Liminal Legality: Salvadoran and Guatemalan Immigrants' Lives in the United States1
  • C. Menjívar
  • Sociology
  • American Journal of Sociology
  • 1 January 2006
This article examines the effects of an uncertain legal status on the lives of immigrants, situating their experiences within frameworks of citizenship/belonging and segmented assimilation, and usingExpand
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Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence
In this article, the authors assess the still limited literature on domestic violence among immigrant women in major receiving countries so as to begin delineating a framework to explain howExpand
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Legal Violence: Immigration Law and the Lives of Central American Immigrants1
This article analyzes how Central American immigrants in tenuous legal statuses experience current immigration laws. Based on ethnographic observations and over 200 interviews conducted between 1998Expand
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Latino immigrants’ perceptions of crime and police authorities in the United States: A case study from the Phoenix Metropolitan area
Many studies that link immigration and crime focus on assessing rates and explaining incidence. In this article we attempt to elucidate the immigrants’ fear of crime and their perceptions of U.S.Expand
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The Intersection of Work and Gender
This article examines the intersection of U.S. employment and gender relations in the family lives of Guatemalan and Salvadoran immigrant women and how immigration experiences affect genderedExpand
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Living in two worlds? Guatemalan-origin children in the United States and emerging transnationalism
This paper examines the possibilities for transnational activities among the 1.5 and second generations and focuses on the effects of both social positions, such as class and ethnicity and receivingExpand
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Central Themes in the Study of Transnational Parenthood
This article reviews the emerging literature on transnational parenthood, concentrating on six themes: gender, care arrangements, legislation, class, communication and moralities. Gender concerns notExpand
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Remittance Behavior among Salvadoran and Filipino Immigrants in Los Angeles *
This article analyzes the factors that influence remittance behavior (the decision to remit and the amount sent) in the host country of Filipino and Salvadoran immigrants, two groups with high ratesExpand
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Immigrant kinship networks: Vietnamese Salvadoreans and Mexicans in comparative perspective.
This is a comparative analysis of differences in the effectiveness of kinship networks among various immigrant groups in San Francisco California. "Based on 80 intensive interviews and ethnographicExpand
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The power of the law: Central Americans’ legality and everyday life in Phoenix, Arizona
This article examines how a multi-pronged legal regime, composed of laws at the federal, state and local levels, shapes the everyday lives of Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorans in Phoenix,Expand
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