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A Lagrangian dynamic subgrid- scale model of turbulence
The dynamic model for large-eddy simulation of turbulence samples information from the resolved velocity field in order to optimize subgrid-scale model coefficients. When the method is used inExpand
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Scale-Invariance and Turbulence Models for Large-Eddy Simulation
▪ Abstract Relationships between small and large scales of motion in turbulent flows are of much interest in large-eddy simulation of turbulence, in which small scales are not explicitly resolved andExpand
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Large eddy simulation study of fully developed wind-turbine array boundary layers
It is well known that when wind turbines are deployed in large arrays, their efficiency decreases due to complex interactions among themselves and with the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL). For windExpand
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On the properties of similarity subgrid-scale models as deduced from measurements in a turbulent jet
The properties of turbulence subgrid-scale stresses are studied using experimental data in the far field of a round jet, at a Reynolds number of R λ ≈ 310. Measurements are performed usingExpand
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A scale-dependent Lagrangian dynamic model for large eddy simulation of complex turbulent flows
A scale-dependent dynamic subgrid model based on Lagrangian time averaging is proposed and tested in large eddy simulations (LES) of high-Reynolds number boundary layer flows over homogeneous andExpand
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A scale-dependent dynamic model for large-eddy simulation: application to a neutral atmospheric boundary layer
A scale-dependent dynamic subgrid-scale model for large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows is proposed. Unlike the traditional dynamic model, it does not rely on the assumption that the modelExpand
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Stretching and quenching of flamelets in premixed turbulent combustion
Abstract The stretch rate of flamelets in premixed turbulent combustion is computed using (1) detailed numerical simulations of vortex-flame interactions and (2) a model for intermittent turbulenceExpand
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A public turbulence database cluster and applications to study Lagrangian evolution of velocity increments in turbulence
A public database system archiving a direct numerical simulation (DNS) data set of isotropic, forced turbulence is described in this paper. Expand
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A power-law flame wrinkling model for LES of premixed turbulent combustion Part I: non-dynamic formulation and initial tests
Abstract A model of turbulent sub-grid scale flame speed for premixed combustion is proposed and tested in Large Eddy Simulation (LES). The model is based on writing the unresolved flame surfaceExpand
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The multifractal nature of turbulent energy dissipation
The intermittency of the rate of turbulent energy dissipation e is investigated experimentally, with special emphasis on its scale-similar facets. This is done using a general formulation in terms ofExpand
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