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The Lisbonization of EU Cohesion Policy: A Successful Case of Experimentalist Governance?
This article traces the emergence of a new “experimentalist governance architecture” in EU Cohesion policy and assesses its effectiveness. Following trends in other EU policy areas, the core featuresExpand
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Who Governs EU Cohesion Policy? Deconstructing the Reforms of the Structural Funds
This article re-assesses the multi-level governance debate and specifically the 'renationalization thesis', with respect to EU cohesion policy. It focuses on two of the principles of decision-makingExpand
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From Conditionality to Europeanization in Central and Eastern Europe: Administrative Performance and Capacity in Cohesion Policy
Abstract This article assesses the role of administrative capacity in explaining the performance of eight Central and Eastern European countries in managing Cohesion policy over the 2004–2008 period.Expand
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The post-2013 reform of EU cohesion policy and the place-based narrative
This article examines the role and use of discourse as a means of affecting EU cohesion policy reform. A discursive shift is traced to a place-based narrative, which sought to re-legitimize andExpand
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Contaminant source characterization of the San José Mine, Oruro, Bolivia
Abstract The San José Mine is a mothballed Ag-Sn mine near Oruro on the Bolivian Altiplano. A groundwater risk assessment has been carried out considering: (i) the current mine water pumpingExpand
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Distribution, salinity and pH dependence of elements in surface waters of the catchment areas of the Salars of Coipasa and Uyuni, Bolivian Altiplano
The variation in concentrations of a wide variety of hydrochemical parameters in surface watercourses of the Bolivian Altiplano is statistically characterised. A variation of four to five orders ofExpand
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Administrative reform and unintended consequences: an assessment of the EU Cohesion policy ‘audit explosion’
This paper investigates the effects of administrative reform in the Commission on policy implementation and outcomes through a study of EU Cohesion policy auditing. It argues that the growth in auditExpand
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Made to Measure? Europeanization, Goodness of Fit and Adaptation Pressures in EU Competition Policy and Regional Aid
Abstract The measurement of Europeanization and adaptational pressures can be facilitated by three elements: an EU-wide perspective to enable a comparative assessment of impacts and outcomes; using aExpand
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Detection of a mitochondrial kinase complex that mediates PKA-MEK-ERK-dependent phosphorylation of mitochondrial proteins involved in the regulation of steroid biosynthesis.
In order to achieve the goal of this article, as an example we will describe the strategies followed to analyze the presence of the multi-kinase complex at the mitochondria and the posttranslationalExpand
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