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LAT2, a New Basolateral 4F2hc/CD98-associated Amino Acid Transporter of Kidney and Intestine*
Glycoprotein-associated amino acid transporters (gpaAT) are permease-related proteins that require heterodimerization to express their function. So far, four vertebrate gpaATs have been shown toExpand
Activation of system L heterodimeric amino acid exchangers by intracellular substrates
System L‐type transport of large neutral amino acids is mediated by ubiquitous LAT1‐4F2hc and epithelial LAT2‐4F2hc. These heterodimers are thought to function as obligatory exchangers, but onlyExpand
Amino acid transport of y+L‐type by heterodimers of 4F2hc/CD98 and members of the glycoprotein‐associated amino acid transporter family
Amino acid transport across cellular membranes is mediated by multiple transporters with overlapping specificities. We recently have identified the vertebrate proteins which mediate Na+‐independentExpand
Glycoprotein-associated amino acid exchangers: broadening the range of transport specificity
Abstract. Members of the newly discovered glycoprotein-associated amino acid transporter family (gpaAT-family) share a similar primary structure with >40% identity, a predicted 12-transmembraneExpand
Luminal heterodimeric amino acid transporter defective in cystinuria.
Mutations of the glycoprotein rBAT cause cystinuria type I, an autosomal recessive failure of dibasic amino acid transport (b(0,+) type) across luminal membranes of intestine and kidney cells. HereExpand
Iota-Carrageenan is a potent inhibitor of rhinovirus infection
BackgroundHuman rhinoviruses (HRVs) are the predominant cause of common cold. In addition, HRVs are implicated in the worsening of COPD and asthma, as well as the loss of lung transplants. DespiteExpand
EUPERGIT oxirane acrylic beads: How to make enzymes fit for biocatalysis
Enzyme recycling is essential for the development of large-scale enzyme-catalyzed biotransformations. Recycling is most convenient using enzymes immobilized on solid supports. Although immobilizationExpand
Iota-Carrageenan Is a Potent Inhibitor of Influenza A Virus Infection
The 2009 flu pandemic and the appearance of oseltamivir-resistant H1N1 influenza strains highlight the need for treatment alternatives. One such option is the creation of a protective physicalExpand
Efficacy and safety of an antiviral Iota-Carrageenan nasal spray: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled exploratory study in volunteers with early symptoms of the common cold
BackgroundThe common cold, the most prevalent contagious viral disease in humans still lacks a safe and effective antiviral treatment. Iota-Carrageenan is broadly active against respiratory virusesExpand
Structure-property relationships for covalent triazine-based frameworks: The effect of spacer length on photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water
Covalent triazine-based frameworks (CTFs) are a subclass of conjugated microporous polymers (CMPs) that can be used as organic photocatalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water. SevenExpand