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The Hausdorff dimension of general Sierpiński carpets
In this note we determine the Hausdorff dimension of a family of planar sets which are generalizations of the classical Cantor set.
Complex Dynamics and Renormalization
Addressing researchers and graduate students in the active meeting ground of analysis, geometry, and dynamics, this book presents a study of renormalization of quadratic polynomials and a rapidExpand
Renormalization and 3-Manifolds Which Fiber over the Circle
Many parallels between complex dynamics and hyperbolic geometry have emerged in the past decade. Building on work of Sullivan and Thurston, this book gives a unified treatment of the construction ofExpand
Logic Minimization Algorithms for VLSI Synthesis
1. Introduction.- 1.1 Design Styles for VLSI Systems.- 1.2 Automatic Logic Synthesis.- 1.3 PLA Implementation.- 1.4 History of Logic Minimization.- 1.5 ESPRESSO-II.- 1.6 Organization of the Book.- 2.Expand
Area and Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets of entire functions
We show the Julia set of A sin(z) has positive area and the action of A sin(z) on its Julia set is not ergodic; the Julia set of A exp(z) has Hausdorff dimension two but in the presence of anExpand
Dynamics on K3 Surfaces: Salem Numbers and Siegel Disks
This paper presents the first examples of K3 surface automorphisms \(f : X \rightarrow X\) with Siegel disks (domains on which f acts by an irrational rotation). The set of such examples isExpand
The Alexander polynomial of a 3-manifold and the Thurston norm on cohomology
Let M be a connected, compact, orientable 3-manifold with b1(M) > 1, whose boundary (if any) is a union of tori. Our main result is the inequality kk A ≤ kk T between the Alexander norm on H 1 (M,Expand
Complex Earthquakes and Teichmuller Theory
It is known that any two points in Teichmuller space are joined by an earthquake path. In this paper we show any earthquake path R → T (S) extends to a proper holomorphic mapping of a simplyconnectedExpand