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Rapid calculation of radiative heating rates and photodissociation rates in inhomogeneous multiple scattering atmospheres
The solution of the generalized two-stream approximation for radiative transfer in homogeneous multiple scattering atmospheres is extended to vertically inhomogeneous atmospheres in a manner which isExpand
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Valley floor climate observations from the McMurdo dry valleys, Antarctica, 1986–2000
[1] Climate observations from the McMurdo dry valleys, East Antarctica are presented from a network of seven valley floor automatic meteorological stations during the period 1986 to 2000. Mean annualExpand
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Numerical simulation of the general circulation of the atmosphere of Titan.
The atmospheric circulation of Titan is investigated with a general circulation model. The representation of the large-scale dynamics is based on a grid point model developed and used at LaboratoireExpand
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In situ measurements of the physical characteristics of Titan's environment
On the basis of previous ground-based and fly-by information, we knew that Titan's atmosphere was mainly nitrogen, with some methane, but its temperature and pressure profiles were poorly constrainedExpand
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Why O2 is required by complex life on habitable planets and the concept of planetary "oxygenation time".
Life is constructed from a limited toolkit: the Periodic Table. The reduction of oxygen provides the largest free energy release per electron transfer, except for the reduction of fluorine andExpand
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Hypolithic Cyanobacteria, Dry Limit of Photosynthesis, and Microbial Ecology in the Hyperarid Atacama Desert
The occurrence of hypolithic cyanobacteria colonizing translucent stones was quantified along the aridity gradient in the Atacama Desert in Chile, from less arid areas to the hyperarid core whereExpand
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On the possibility of liquid water on present‐day Mars
Using a validated general circulation model, we determine where and for how long the surface pressure and surface temperature on Mars meet the minimum requirements for the existence of liquid waterExpand
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The thermal structure of Titan's atmosphere.
We have developed a radiative-convective model of the thermal structure of Titan's atmosphere. The model computes the solar and infrared radiation in a series of spectral intervals with verticalExpand
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The ultraviolet environment of Mars: biological implications past, present, and future.
A radiative transfer model is used to quantitatively investigate aspects of the martian ultraviolet radiation environment, past and present. Biological action spectra for DNA inactivation andExpand
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Mars-Like Soils in the Atacama Desert, Chile, and the Dry Limit of Microbial Life
The Viking missions showed the martian soil to be lifeless and depleted in organic material and indicated the presence of one or more reactive oxidants. Here we report the presence of Mars-like soilsExpand
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