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The systematics of Cretaceous ichthyosaurs with particular reference to the material from North America
Studies indicate 7 valid species, only one genus, Platypterygius; geological ranges, geographic distribution
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A new Pliensbachian ichthyosaur from Dorset, England
The first ichthyosaur to be recorded from the Pliensbachian Stage of the English Lower Liassic is described as Leptonectes moorei sp. nov., extending the geological range of Leptonectes to theExpand
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A practical guide to vertebrate mechanics
Preface Introduction 1. A matter of scale 2. Elasticity 3. Measuring the strengths of materials 4. How things break 5. Bone as a composite material 6. Structures and loads 7. Engineering a skeletonExpand
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A revision of the Longipinnate Ichthyosaurs of the Lower Jurassic of England, with descriptions of two new species (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria)
A revision of the longipinnate ichthyosaurs of the English Lias (Lower Jurassic) estabhshes five valid species. One of these is referred to the Upper Liassic genus Stenopterygius, the others to theExpand
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A new species of Shastasaurus (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria) from the Triassic of British Columbia: the most complete exemplar of the genus
ABSTRACT At least six species of Shastasaurus have been described in the literature and accounts of its anatomy, which have included a restoration of the entire skeleton, give the impression that itExpand
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Temnodontosaurus risor is a juvenile of T. platyodon (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria)
ABSTRACT Most ichthyosaurs from the English Lower Jurassic are dolphin-sized, with skull lengths of about 500 mm and body lengths of up to 2,500 mm. Very large ichthyosaurs are rare, and the largestExpand
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