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The influence of agricultural system, stand structural complexity and landscape context on foraging birds in oil palm landscapes
It is suggested that multiple conservation measures will be needed in oil palm landscapes irrespective of management regimes, including: the maintenance of ground layer vegetation cover; the pruning of oil palm canopy to permit light penetration to the ground layer; re-vegetation of parts ofOil palm landscapes with native trees; and retention of natural and/or secondary forest patches within the boundaries of plantations.
Fauna-habitat relationships: a basis for identifying key stand structural attributes in temperate Australian eucalypt forests and woodlands
We review a representative sample of the literature concerning fauna-habitat relationships in temperate Australian eucalypt forests and woodlands as a basis for identifying some key stand structural
Quantifying stand structural complexity in woodland and dry sclerophyll forest, South-Eastern Australia
v Chapter 1: Introduction 1 Thesis overview 1 1.1 Biodiversity 2 1.1.1 Defining biodiversity 2 1.1.2 Biodiversity indicators 3 1.2 Research questions 6 Chapter 2: Stand structure and structural