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Harsh parenting in relation to child emotion regulation and aggression.
This study presents a model of harsh parenting that has an indirect effect, as well as a direct effect, on child aggression in the school environment through the mediating process of child emotion regulation, and investigates interaction effects between parents' and children's gender.
On the bases of two subtypes of development dyslexia
Abstract This study examined whether there are different subtypes of developmental dyslexia. The subjects were 51 dyslexic children (reading below the 30th percentile in isolated word recognition),
Morphological Awareness Uniquely Predicts Young Children's Chinese Character Recognition
Two unique measures of morphological awareness, along with other reading-related tasks, were orally administered to 100 kindergarten and 100 2nd-grade Hong Kong Chinese children. These morphological
Are speech perception deficits associated with developmental dyslexia?
The results suggest that some dyslexic children have a perceptual deficit that may interfere with processing of phonological information and speech perception difficulties may also be partially related to reading experience.
Understanding Chinese Developmental Dyslexia: Morphological Awareness as a Core Cognitive Construct.
Tasks representing 9 cognitive constructs of potential importance to understanding Chinese reading development and impairment were administered to 75 children with dyslexia and 77 age-matched
The developmental impact of different forms of child abuse and neglect
This paper reviews and integrates research knowledge about the impact of different forms of child maltreatment-physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Both the short-term impact on the child and
Changing models across cultures: associations of phonological awareness and morphological structure awareness with vocabulary and word recognition in second graders from Beijing, Hong Kong, Korea,
Investigation of relations among phonological awareness, morphological structure awareness, vocabulary, and word recognition in second graders indicates that across languages, phonological Awareness and morphological Structure awareness are similarly associated with one another and with vocabulary knowledge; however, phonology awareness and morphology structure awareness have different associations with word recognition with different scripts among second grader.
Cross-cultural similarities in the predictors of reading acquisition.
For both groups, speed of processing strongly predicted speeded naming, visual processing, and phonological awareness; visual processing did not predict reading.
The role of morphological awareness in children's vocabulary acquisition in English
Tasks of speeded naming, phonological awareness, word identification, nonsense word repetition, and vocabulary, along with two measures of morphological awareness (morphological structure awareness