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Intermediate state polarization in multiphoton ionization of HCl.
The paper presents the detailed theoretical description of the intermediate state polarization and photofragment angular distribution in resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) of moleculesExpand
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Validation of an Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine for the Measurement of Wear at the Taper Interface in Total Hip Replacement
If the factors affecting taper performance are to be studied, accurate and validated volumetric values of loss are important to contextualize the importance of taper damage. This study validates theExpand
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Simultaneous imaging of both product ions: exploring gateway states for HCl as a benchmark molecule.
Simultaneous imaging of both positive and negative product ions is used to exclusively study photoion pair formation free from interference of competing fragmentation channels. Resonance enhancedExpand
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Spectral line parameters in the (4 0) overtone band and the dipole moment function of HI
We present new measurements of the line strengths in the third vibrational overtone band in pure HI and its mixtures with Ne, Ar, and Xe, and report results of the Herman–Wallis analysis for thisExpand
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Non-invasive and isotope-selective laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of nitric oxide in exhaled air.
The detection of nitric oxide (NO) is of considerable medical interest. NO is involved in a multitude of mammal physiological processes, and various non-invasive concentration determination methodsExpand
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Photo induced three body decay
The photo induced three body decay : ABC hnu A B C, where a molecule ABC decays into three fragments A, B and C upon irradiation, is reviewed. Various experimental and theoretical techniques for theExpand
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Photoionization and photodissociation of HCl(B 1Sigma+, J=0) near 236 and 239 nm using three-dimensional ion imaging.
The electronically excited states HCl(*)(E,upsilon(')=0,J(')=0) and HCl(*)(V,upsilon(')=12,J(')=0) have been prepared by two-photon resonant absorption of ground state HCl via Q(0) transitions atExpand
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Aspects of Photoinduced Molecular Three-Body Decay
New experimental techniques and novel analysis procedures promote the investigation of three-body processes. Photoinduced three-body decay can be studied by technologically advanced, challengingExpand
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Three-dimensional imaging technique for direct observation of the complete velocity distribution of state-selected photodissociation products
We report an experimental technique provided to study the full three-dimensional velocity distribution of state-selected products of a chemical process. Time-of-flight mass spectroscopy and resonanceExpand
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Proton formation dynamics in the REMPI[2+n] process via the F 1Delta2 and f 3Delta2 Rydberg states of HCl investigated by three-dimensional velocity mapping.
HCl in the bulk gas phase at a pressure of 10(-5) mbar has been excited via selected Q-lines of the two-photon transition band systems F (1)Delta(2)<--X (1)Sigma(+)(1,0) [Q(8)], V (1)Sigma(+)<--XExpand
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