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In vitro and in vivo antioxidant properties of different fractions of Moringa oleifera leaves.
Terpenoid Compositions, and Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties of the Rhizome Essential Oils of Different Hedychium Species
The rhizome essential oils from all Hedychium species exhibited moderate‐to‐good Fe2+ chelating activity, and H. spicatum from collection site III showed a completely different DPPH radical‐scavenging profile than the samples from the other collection sites.
Germacranolide Rich Essential Oil from Neolitsea pallens
The composition of the steam volatile constituents of leaf, fruit and bark of Neolitsea pallens (D. Don) syn. Litsea umbrosa var. consimilis Nees Hook f. syn. L. consimilis Nees were analyzed by GC,
Compositional Diversity of Terpenoids in the Himalayan Valeriana Genera
In an effort to determine the chemical diversity of the Valeriana genera of the Northwestern Himalaya (Uttaranchal), V. wallichii, V. himalayana (syn. V. dioica), V. pyrolaefolia, and V. hardwickii