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Does Increasing Horizontal Resolution Produce More Skillful Forecasts
This paper examines the impacts of increasing horizontal resolution on the performance of mesoscale numerical weather prediction models. A review of previous studies suggests that decreasing gridExpand
Aspects of Effective Mesoscale, Short-Range Ensemble Forecasting
Abstract This study developed and evaluated a short-range ensemble forecasting (SREF) system with the goal of producing useful, mesoscale forecast probability (FP). Real-time, 0–48-h SREF predictionsExpand
Stratospheric Vacillation Cycles
Abstract A quasi-geostrophic β-plane channel model is used to study wave-mean flow interaction in the stratosphere. The zonal mean circulation in the model is driven by differential radiative heatingExpand
Coastally Trapped Wind Reversals along the United States West Coast during the Warm Season. Part I: Climatology and Temporal Evolution
Abstract The northerly winds that predominate along the U.S. west coast during April–September are interrupted periodically by abrupt reversals to southerly flow. The climatology and compositeExpand
MM5 precipitation verification over the pacific northwest during the 1997-99 cool seasons
Abstract Precipitation forecasts from the Pennsylvania State University–National Center for Atmospheric Research fifth-generation Mesoscale Model (MM5) are verified for the 1997–98 and 1998–99 coolExpand
Major Volcanic Eruptions and Climate: A Critical Evaluation
Abstract This paper examines whether major volcanic eruptions of the past century have had a significant impact on surface land and ocean temperatures surface pressure and precipitation. BothExpand
Changes in Winter Atmospheric Rivers along the North American West Coast in CMIP5 Climate Models
AbstractMost extreme precipitation events that occur along the North American west coast are associated with winter atmospheric river (AR) events. Global climate models have sufficient resolution toExpand
A High-Resolution Climate Model for the U.S. Pacific Northwest: Mesoscale Feedbacks and Local Responses to Climate Change*
Abstract Simulations of future climate scenarios produced with a high-resolution climate model show markedly different trends in temperature and precipitation over the Pacific Northwest than in theExpand
The Structure and Evolution of Cold Surges East of the Rocky Mountains
Abstract Northerly surges of cold air often move southward along the eastern side of the Rockies from southern Canada into Mexico. The strongest surges, which generally develop in midwinter, areExpand
Major Extratropical Cyclones of the Northwest United States: Historical Review, Climatology, and Synoptic Environment
Abstract The northwest United States is visited frequently by strong midlatitude cyclones that can produce hurricane-force winds and extensive damage. This article reviews these storms, beginningExpand