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Exploiting place features in link prediction on location-based social networks
Link prediction systems have been largely adopted to recommend new friends in online social networks using data about social interactions. With the soaring adoption of location-based social servicesExpand
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CARISMA: Context-Aware Reflective mIddleware System for Mobile Applications
Mobile devices, such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants, have gained wide-spread popularity. These devices will increasingly be networked, thus enabling the construction of distributedExpand
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GeOpps: Geographical Opportunistic Routing for Vehicular Networks
Vehicular networks can be seen as an example of hybrid delay tolerant network where a mixture of infostations and vehicles can be used to geographically route the information messages to the rightExpand
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EmotionSense: a mobile phones based adaptive platform for experimental social psychology research
Today's mobile phones represent a rich and powerful computing platform, given their sensing, processing and communication capabilities. Phones are also part of the everyday life of billions ofExpand
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An Empirical Study of Geographic User Activity Patterns in Foursquare
We present a large-scale study of user behavior in Foursquare, conducted on a dataset of about 700 thousand users that spans a period of more than 100 days. We analyze user checkin dynamics,Expand
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Socio-Spatial Properties of Online Location-Based Social Networks
The spatial structure of large-scale online social networks has been largely unaccessible due to the lack of available and accurate data about people’s location. However, with the recent surgingExpand
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Socially-aware routing for publish-subscribe in delay-tolerant mobile ad hoc networks
Applications involving the dissemination of information directly relevant to humans (e.g., service advertising, news spreading, environmental alerts) often rely on publish-subscribe, in which theExpand
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A Tale of Many Cities: Universal Patterns in Human Urban Mobility
The advent of geographic online social networks such as Foursquare, where users voluntarily signal their current location, opens the door to powerful studies on human movement. In particular the fineExpand
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Mining User Mobility Features for Next Place Prediction in Location-Based Services
Mobile location-based services are thriving, providing an unprecedented opportunity to collect fine grained spatio-temporal data about the places users visit. This multi-dimensional source of dataExpand
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CAR: Context-Aware Adaptive Routing for Delay-Tolerant Mobile Networks
Most of the existing research work in mobile ad hoc networking is based on the assumption that a path exists between the sender and the receiver. On the other hand, applications of decentralisedExpand
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