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On non-preemptive scheduling of period and sporadic tasks
It is proved that the problem of deciding schedulability of a set of concrete periodic tasks is intractable. Expand
Analyzing Kleinberg's (and other) small-world Models
The properties of Small-World networks, where links are much more likely to connect "neighbor nodes" than distant nodes, are analyzed, and expected θ(log n) diameter results for higher dimensional grids, as well as settings with less uniform base structures. Expand
Authentic Data Publication Over the Internet
This work gives techniques based on Merkle hash trees that publishers can use to provide authenticity and nonrepudiation of the answer to database queries posed by a client without requiring a key to be held in an on-line system. Expand
Authentic Third-party Data Publication
This paper focuses on integrity critical databases, such as financial data used in high-value decisions, which are frequently published over the Internet and must satisfy the integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation requirements of clients. Expand
A General Model for Authenticated Data Structures
A generalized algorithm for the construction of VOs for Search DAGs is developed, and it is proved that the VOs thus constructed are secure, and that they are efficient to compute and verify. Expand
Optimal Circuits for Parallel Multipliers
This work provides a formal characterization of optimal PPRT circuits and proves a number of properties about them and presents an algorithm that produces a minimum delay circuit in time linear in the size of the inputs. Expand
Green Provisioning for Optical WDM Networks
A power-aware provisioning scheme is developed to minimize the total operational power of optical wavelength-division multiplexing networks and suggests proportional power consumption by operations and end-node traffic grooming to fully exploit the power-saving potential of optical networks. Expand
Dynamic Traffic Grooming in Elastic Optical Networks
A multi-layer auxiliary graph is proposed to jointly solve the electrical-layer routing and optical-layer RSA and the spectrum reservation scheme can be easily incorporated into various traffic-grooming policies and lead to a significant reduction in operational expenditure (OPEX) and better spectrum efficiency. Expand
A Fast Algorithm for Optimally Increasing the Edge Connectivity
The solution is particularly simple, it runs in O(nm) time, and it is a natural generalization of the algorithm in [K. Eswaran and R. Tarjan, SIAM J. Comput., 5 (1976), pp. 653--665] for the case where $\lambda+\delta =2$. Expand
Scheduling Periodically Occurring Tasks on Multiple Processors