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Use of heme iron concentrate in the fortification of weaning foods.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the technological feasibility of fortifying homogenized weaning food with a porcine heme concentrate and found that organoleptic attributes presented a marked stability even in NFWF stored at room temperature and 37 degrees C.
Iron bioavailability of four iron sources used to fortify infant cereals, using anemic weaning pigs as a model
Ferrous fumarate and MDFP were equally as bioavailable as the reference salt, and were used significantly better than EI in piglets, contributing to extend the evidence-based results for recommending the most suitable fortificant for infant cereals.
[Alpha-Lactalbumin as an ingredient of infant formula].
Infant formula have been improved considerably during the last decades not only adapting nutrient concentrations to infants requirements but also by the addition of new bioactive ingredients such as alpha-lactalbumin, to have the same functional effect as in breast fed babies.
[Folate and folic acid intake estimation and food enrichment requirements].
The authorities in several countries have adapted different norms related to folic acid, fortifying staple food such as dairy products or cereals, mandatory (U.S.A. or Chile) or voluntary (most of the European countries).