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Synergy of Fresh and Accumulated Organic Matter to Bacterial Growth
The results indicate that the mixture of fresh labile and accumulated refractory DOM that naturally occurs in aquatic ecosystems could accelerate the bacterial growth and bacterial DOM removal.
Temporal coherence among tropical coastal lagoons: a search for patterns and mechanisms.
It is concluded that temporal coherence in tropical ecosystems is possible, at least for some environmental features, and should be evaluated for other tropical ecosystems, and reinforced that aquatic ecosystems should be studied more broadly to accomplish a full understanding of their structure and function.
Seasonal dynamics of methane in the water column of two subtropical lakes differing in trophic status.
To evaluate methane dynamics through diurnal variation in the concentration of this gas in the water column of two lakes differing in trophic status at the campus of Fundação Universidade do Rio Grande, higher methane concentrations were detected in November 2001 when higher temperature was also detected.
Magnitude and variability of methane production and concentration in tropical coastal lagoons sediments
OBJETIVO: Areas alagadas costeiras sao zonas potenciais para producao de metano (CH4). O presente estudo tem como objetivo avaliar a variacao espacial da producao e concentracao de CH4 em dez lagoas
Global regulation of methane emission from natural lakes
It is shown that environmental factors act as important driving factors for CH4 emissions, with higher emissions occurring where air temperature and precipitation are high, and the estimation of fluxes is method-dependent with substantial differences revealed between the flux estimates obtained from different measurement techniques.
Methane concentration in water column and in pore water of a coastal lagoon (Cabiúnas lagoon, Macaé, RJ, Brazil)
ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate methane concentration in water column and pore water at limnetic and littoral regions of a coastal lagoon. At the littoral region samples were taken
Emergent Macrophytes Alter the Sediment Composition in a Small, Shallow Subtropical Lake: Implications for Methane Emission
Aquatic macrophytes in shallow lakes emit high levels of methane. We hypothesize that the presence of emergent aquatic macrophytes in an artificial shallow lake promotes important input of