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Race and Imprisonments: Vigilante Violence, Minority Threat, and Racial Politics
The effects of lynchings on criminal justice outcomes have seldom been examined. Recent findings also are inconsistent about the effects of race on imprisonments. This study uses a pooled time-seriesExpand
Murder, political resources, and women's political success.
This analysis tests overlooked sociological hypotheses about women's presence in the state legislatures and the House of Representatives. Stereotypes about women suggest that shifts in socialExpand
Race, Politics, and Public Safety: A Panel Study of U.S. Highway Patrol and State Police Strength, 1981-2015
This study assesses the social, political, economic, and traffic-/travel-related predictors of sworn highway patrol and state police strength in the United States between 1981 and 2015. Fixed-effectsExpand
Economic inequality and ideological roll-call votes: Income stratification, minority threat and support for conservative legislation
Abstract This study assesses whether the growth in economic inequality since the late 1960s produced enhanced support for conservative policies in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tests of theExpand
Beyond the Federal Drug War: A Panel Study of State-Level Powder and Crack Cocaine Laws, 1977–2010
ABSTRACT Scholars claim that more punitive drug laws are one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of U.S. incarceration rates and related collateral consequences over recent decades. Yet despiteExpand
A Socio-Historical Analysis of U.S. State Terrorism from 1948 to 2008
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