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Succession in the Family Business: Need to Transfer the 'Socio-Emotional Wealth' (SEW)
Rather often we have to confront with the pessimistic views on the future of the family business. Contrary to these prognosis, the FB is not only present but also improving its position in the global
Managing Succession and Knowledge Transfer in Family Businesses: Lessons from a Comparative Research
The most natural mode of family firm succession is the intergenerational ownership transfer. Statistical evidence, however, suggests that in most cases the succession process fails. There can be
LHD 8 - A Step Toward the All Electric Warship
The recently commissioned Iwo Jima (LHD 7) is the last ship with conventional steam propulsion that the U.S. Navy plans to build. The LHD 8 is the next ship of the class and will be built as a
Organisation of working time: Implications for productivity and working conditions. Overview Report
Companies in search of improved productivity use a wide range of approaches, from financial incentives and skills upgrading and training to increased autonomy of individuals and teams. Working time
Labour relations, collective bargaining and employee voice in SMEs in central and eastern Europe
Drawing upon the examples of Bulgaria and Hungary, this article explores employee representation and voice in SMEs in central and eastern Europe in the context of the spectacular development of the
The concentric-circle model of FDI spillover effects : estimation using Hungarian panel data
A new empirical model is presented in this paper with respect to the productivity spillover effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) by focusing on the concentric-circle structure of industrial
Work-Performance, Interests, Powers and Environment
Contemporary sociology can exercise its most useful activity in economic life perhaps by contributing through its empirical findings to the overcoming of certain illusions. Illusions in general are