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Surfactant-mediated control of CBPQT(4+)-dialkoxynaphthalene complexation.
The addition of the surfactant SDS to an aqueous solution containing 1·2 results in the disassembly of the latter via the simultaneous incorporation of 1 into a micelle and the precipitation of 2 byExpand
Protein-mediated dethreading of a biotin-functionalised pseudorotaxane.
In this article, we describe the synthesis of new biotin-functionalised naphthalene derivatives 3 and 4 and their complexation behaviour with avidin and neutravidin using a range of analyticalExpand
A dual-responsive ferrocene-functionalised PDA liposome
Abstract In this Letter we report a ferrocene-functionalised polydiacetylene liposome that has the propensity to respond colorimetrically and electrochemically upon binding to a cyclodextrin oligomer.
Towards molecular machine functionalised biological and biomimetic systems
Overall this thesis describes the study of the ability of the tetracationic cyclophane CBPQT4+ to form inclusion complexes with electron-rich moieties such as tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) andExpand
Synthesis of new flavin-based rotaxanes
In recent years the development of interlocked structures has been of significant importance for the expansion of molecular machines. In particular those that incorporate the rotaxane architecture,Expand