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The ecological and zoogeographical significance of the sub-Recent Ostracoda off Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Abstract An environmental analysis based on the ostracod fauna was carried out on 43 sediment samples collected during the Geocosta Rio II Expedition to the northern continental margin of State ofExpand
Recent Ostracoda (Arthropoda, Crustacea) from São Pedro-São Paulo Archipelago, Brazil: a preliminary approach
The present study analyses ostracods from sedimentary samples collected in the Sao Pedro-Sao Paulo Archipelago, a small set of remote rock islands located Northeastern to the Brazilian coast, and identified thirteen species, nine of which are probably new and have not been observed elsewhere. Expand
Biogeographic divergences in the Iberian flora. A morpho-anatomic, ISSR-based, and environmental study of Iberian Buxus sempervirens L.
A functional ecological description by morpho-anatomical analysis of leaves and a genetic and environmental approach exposed differences between Pyrenaean-Cantabrian- Portuguese and Iberian B. sempervirens populations. Expand
Ostracoda (Crustacea) from the Archipelago of São Pedro and São Paulo, Equatorial Atlantic, with emphasis on a new Hemicytheridae genus
One new genus and species are described and illustrated: Berguecythere insularis gen. nov, widely distributed in recent sediments in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, north and northeast of Brazil and the Rocas Atoll. Expand