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EOS7C Version 1.0 TOUGH2 Module for Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen in Natural Gas
EOS7C is a TOUGH2 module for multicomponent gas mixtures in the systems methane-carbon dioxide (CH{sub 4}-CO{sub 2}) or methane-nitrogen (CH{sub 4}-N{sub 2}) with or without an aqueous phase andExpand
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Improved understanding of geologic CO2 storage processes requires risk‐driven field experiments
Improved understanding of geologic CO 2 storage processes requires risk-driven field experiments Curtis M. Oldenburg Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory One Cyclotron Road Berkeley, CA 94720Expand
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Mechanistic modeling of CO2 well leakage in a generic abandoned well through a bridge plug cement-casing gap
Abstract Both known and unmapped plugged and abandoned wells are potential leakage pathways for CO2 from geologic carbon sequestration (GCS) sites. Although many abandoned wells have cement bridgeExpand
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Low Static Shear Modulus Along Foliation and Its Influence on the Elastic and Strength Anisotropy of Poorman Schist Rocks, Homestake Mine, South Dakota
We investigate the influence of foliation orientation and fine-scale folding on the static and dynamic elastic properties and unconfined strength of the Poorman schist. Measurements from triaxial andExpand
Near-surface dispersion of CO2 seepage from geologic storage sites: Interplay of process and detection strategy
Author(s): Oldenburg, C.M.; Cortis, A. | Abstract: Injection of CO2 into deep geological formations entails the possibility of CO2 leakage from the storage formation through wellbores, faults, andExpand