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Restoring Natural Sensory Feedback in Real-Time Bidirectional Hand Prostheses
A multigrasp, bidirectional hand prosthesis delivers dynamic sensory feedback, allowing a user with a hand amputation to achieve fine grasping force control and realistic object sensing. AnExpand
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Review of assistive strategies in powered lower-limb orthoses and exoskeletons
Starting from the early research in the 1960s, especially in the last two decades, orthoses and exoskeletons have been significantly developed. They are designed in different architectures to assistExpand
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Intraneural stimulation elicits discrimination of textural features by artificial fingertip in intact and amputee humans
Restoration of touch after hand amputation is a desirable feature of ideal prostheses. Here, we show that texture discrimination can be artificially provided in human subjects by implementing aExpand
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Synthetic and Bio-Artificial Tactile Sensing: A Review
This paper reviews the state of the art of artificial tactile sensing, with a particular focus on bio-hybrid and fully-biological approaches. To this aim, the study of physiology of the human senseExpand
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Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Solutions
This paper reviews the state of the art in piezoelectric energy harvesting. It presents the basics of piezoelectricity and discusses materials choice. The work places emphasis on material operatingExpand
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A Wireless Flexible Sensorized Insole for Gait Analysis
This paper introduces the design and development of a novel pressure-sensitive foot insole for real-time monitoring of plantar pressure distribution during walking. The device consists of a flexibleExpand
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Roughness Encoding for Discrimination of Surfaces in Artificial Active-Touch
A 2 × 2 array of four microelectromechanical system (MEMS) tactile microsensors is integrated with readout electronics in the distal phalanx of an anthropomorphic robotic finger. A total of 16Expand
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Artificial Roughness Encoding with a Bio-inspired MEMS- based Tactile Sensor Array
A compliant 2×2 tactile sensor array was developed and investigated for roughness encoding. State of the art cross shape 3D MEMS sensors were integrated with polymeric packaging providing in total 16Expand
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Learning tactile skills through curious exploration
We present curiosity-driven, autonomous acquisition of tactile exploratory skills on a biomimetic robot finger equipped with an array of microelectromechanical touch sensors. Instead of buildingExpand
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Development of a Biomimetic MEMS based Capacitive Tactile Sensor
This paper presents the development of a low4cost MEMS based biomimetic tactile device intended to be incorporated as the core element in a biomimetic fingerpad. The developed silicon based sensingExpand
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