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The Widespread Applicability of Lognormal Curves for the Description of Absorption Spectra
We have fitted over 160 electronic absorption spectra of over 95 aromatic compounds and some other substances with lognormal distribution curves to evaluate the shapes of the bands. The compoundsExpand
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X-Ray Crystallographic, 19F-NMR and UV-Visible Spectroscopic Studies of Pig Heart Cytosolic Aspartate Aminotransferase
Structures determined by x-ray diffraction have been refined at 2.4–2.6A for the native enzyme, the external aldimine formed with α-methylaspartate and the ketimine species formed with L-glutamate.Expand
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Analysis of protein structure: a method of choice?
In TIBS (1984) Vol. 9, pp. 508-510, Padr6s et aL commented on the utility of fourth-derivative spectrophotometry for the study of proteins. We wish to point out that there is an alternative approachExpand
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Studies on the Inactivated Coenzyme in the Beta Subform of Cytosolic Aspartate Aminotransferase
A major product released by heat from the 340 nm chromophore of the beta subform of cytosolic aspartate aminotransferase has been identified conclusively as pyridoxamine 5′-phosphate. TheExpand
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