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Infrared emission of 12C16O, 13C16O, and 12C18O☆
Abstract The combination of a new high-resolution grating spectrometer and a spontaneous emission source has made it possible to measure precisely the 1 → 0, 2 → 1, and 2 → 0 transitions of 12C16OExpand
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IRIS - Automated Integrated Irradiance Measurement
A simple automated device has been developed at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory to rapidly measure integrated irradiance profiles for circular symmetric "far field" distributions. The systemExpand
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The emission spectrum of 13C16O2 near 4.5 μm
Abstract The emission spectrum of 13 C 16 O 2 near 4.5 μm, the ν 3 transition region, was measured in high resolution. The sequence 00 v 3 → 00( v 3 − 1) was measured to v 3 = 9, 01 1 v 3 → 01 1 ( vExpand
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Phase Locking of Two HIQ Resonators
Abstract : The experimental results of phase locking two confocal unstable resonators with 90 beam rotation (UR90 or HiQ) are presented. The two resonators used separate gain cells located inExpand
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Applications of nonlinear optics
The use of adaptive optics to improve the seeing of large astronomical telescopes has been of great interest to the scientific community. The adaptive optics concept that is currently being pursuedExpand
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Four-wave mixing, nonlinear dynamics, and noise in laser diodes
We report experimental measurements and numerical calculations of the effects of strong, nearly-degenerate optical injection in a nearly single-mode, Fabry-Perot laser diode. The noise spectra andExpand
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Experimental results of a common pass decentered annular ring resonator
An advanced designn of an annular resonator with improved mode and polarization control has been fabricated and tested. This resonator for extracting power from an annular gain region was testedExpand
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Flow structure and local Nusselt number variations in a channel with dimples and protrusions on opposite walls
Abstract Flow structure characteristics are presented for a channel with a dimpled surface on one wall, both with and without protrusions (with the same shapes as the dimples) on the opposite wall.Expand
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Phase locking lasers via phase-conjugate-coupled multimode optical fibers
Abstract The combined properties of phase conjugation and optical fibers offer a novel solution to some problems associated with laser phase locking. Multimode optical fibers provide a propagationExpand
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Photoelectret and electrophotographic properties of barium titanate-polyvinylidene fluoride composite film
Photoferroelectric barium titanate (BaTiO3)-polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composite films in the ratio 70∶30 are found to possess good photosensitivity in the visible region of the spectrum. ResultsExpand