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Prediction of rib fracture injury outcome by an artificial neural network.
Internal weight matrix examination indicated that age, ventilatory support, and high trauma scores were strongly associated with both ICU days and mortality, and being female, injury severity, and injury type were associated with increased LOS.
Mycotic aneurysm. New concepts in therapy.
An initial misdiagnosis of cellulitis or abscess in 17% of the patients was corrected after arteriography or bleeding following operative drainage, and there was no ischemia following ligation and excision of aneurysms of the radial, brachial, external iliac, deep femoral, and superficial femoral arteries.
Splenic abscess associated with endocarditis.
Splenic abscess often accompanies endocarditis, and the diagnosis is suspected by refractory fever and confirmed by abdominal computed axial tomography scan.
Endoscopic management of foreign bodies in the upper gastrointestinal tract: A review.
Flexible endoscopy is the therapeutic method of choice for relieving food impaction and removing true foreign bodies with a success rate of over 95% and with minimal complications.
The Cardiopulmonary Response to Massive Doses of Steroids in Patients with Septic Shock
The effects of massive doses of steroids on septic shock were tested in patients being treated for extensive cellulitis, wet gangrene, or severe peritonitis and no differences were noted in morbidity and five patients in each group died.
Etiology, treatment, and outcome of esophageal ulcers: A 10-year experience in an urban emergency hospital
This report describes the etiology, treatment, complications, and outcome of esophageal ulcers, a rare cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, seen in 88 patients from a total of 7564 esophagogastroduodenoscopies done by one surgeon at an urban hospital from 1991 to 2001.
Natural history and surgical dilemma of "stress" gastric bleeding.
Vagotomy and distal gastrectomy were the most effective operations for control of hemorrhage and pyloroplasty are advised in selected patients who meet certain, well-defined criteria.
Diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic and duodenal injury.
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  • 1 February 1977
A review of studies on the effects of hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation on the coagulation profile.
Resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock can be successfully implemented by restoration of blood loss with blood, crystalloid, and FFP added to maintain coagulation proteins.
Clinical evaluation and management of caustic injury in the upper gastrointestinal tract in 95 adult patients in an urban medical center
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy after caustic ingestion should be performed early to define the extent of injury and guide appropriate therapy, as well as to define when intervention is needed.