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Seed rain and seed bank of Chinese yew (Taxus chinensis var. mairei) population in Tianmu Mountain
Abstract Seed rain and seed bank of a Chinese yew (Taxus chinensis var. mairei) population in Tianmu Mountain were researched in 2008 and 2009. The seed rain lasted from 16th–23th of October toExpand
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Potential natural exposure of endangered red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) to mycotoxins aflatoxin B1, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone, T-2 toxin, and ochratoxin A
A survey was conducted to determine whether mycotoxins were present in the foods consumed by red-crowned cranes (Grus japonensis) in the Yancheng Biosphere Reserve, China. Collected in the reserve’sExpand
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Differential contribution of frugivorous birds to dispersal patterns of the endangered Chinese yew (Taxus chinensis)
The contribution of forest generalists and specialists to the dispersal pattern of tree species is not well understood. Specialists are considered low-quality dispersers because their dispersalExpand
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Impact of multiple bird partners on the seed dispersal effectiveness of China’s relic trees
Frugivorous birds generally exhibit an unequal contribution to dispersal effectiveness of plant species as a function of their habitat adaptation and body size. In our study, we compared theExpand
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Avian seed dispersal and seedling distribution of the endangered tree species, Taxus chinensis, in patchy habitats
Background: There is limited understanding about bird dispersal behaviour and seedling distribution of endangered tree species in patchy environments, although these processes are important for plantExpand
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Fruit consumption and seed dispersal by birds in native vs. ex situ individuals of the endangered Chinese yew, Taxus chinensis
The conservation success of endangered trees may depend on re-establishing or replacing the mutualisms that were important in their native habitats. In this study, we quantified avian frugivoreExpand
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Dispersal of remnant endangered trees in a fragmented and disturbed forest by frugivorous birds
Most endangered plant species in a fragmented forest behave as a unique source population, with a high dependence on frugivorous birds for recruitment and persistence. In this study, we combinedExpand
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Ecological rescue of remnant fengshui trees in farmlands by avian frugivores
Background: Farmland areas in eastern China often contain endangered trees, such as the Chinese yew (Taxus chinensis), which are protected by local communities as fengshui trees. These are often birdExpand
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Recruitment limitation of plant population: From seed production to sapling establishment
Recruitment limitation,which occurs when seeds do not germinate and successfully develop into saplings,can result from three broadly defined mechanisms:(i) source limitation,which occurs whenExpand
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