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Correcting winds measured with a Rayleigh Doppler lidar from pressure and temperature effects
The molecular channel of the space-based Doppler lidar ADM-Aeolus relies on a double Fabry—Perot (FP) interferometer. The difference in photon numbers transmitted by the two FPs divided by their sum-Expand
Two-micrometer heterodyne differential absorption lidar measurements of the atmospheric CO2 mixing ratio in the boundary layer.
A 2 microm heterodyne differential absorption lidar (HDIAL) has been operated at the Instïtut Pierre Simon Laplace, Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (Paris) to monitor the CO(2) mixing ratio inExpand
Multiplatform observations of the seasonal evolution of the Saharan atmospheric boundary layer in Tamanrasset, Algeria, in the framework of the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis field
[1] We document the seasonal evolution of the Saharan atmospheric boundary layer (SABL), in terms of vertical structure, diurnal cycle, aerosol content, and cloud cover as well as the surfaceExpand
0.355-micrometer direct detection wind lidar under testing during a field campaign in consideration of ESA's ADM-Aeolus mission
The atmospheric wind field information is a key issue to numerical weather prediction (NWP) and climate studies. The Atmospheric Dynamic Mission-Aeolus is cur- rently developed by the European SpaceExpand
Wind infrared Doppler lidar instrument
The purpose of the project WIND (wind infrared Doppler lidar) is the development of an airborne conical scanning CO2 Doppler lidar in French-German cooperation by CNRS/CNES and DLR. The instrumentExpand
Double-pulse dual-wavelength alexandrite laser for atmospheric water vapor measurement.
We describe a new alexandrite laser source arrangement designed to measure atmospheric water vapor using the differential absorption lidar technique. This laser is capable of emitting two pulses atExpand
High-power dye laser in the near infrared
Abstract A tunable wavelength, laser beam of very high spectral luminance in the near infrared is obtained by amplification of a monochromatic laser line emitted by a tunable dye oscillator. OpticalExpand
Narrow bandwidth Q-switch alexandrite laser for atmospheric applications
Abstract An acousto-optics Q-switch alexandrite laser with a 0.5 pm linewidth is described. The output energy is 20 mJ with a pulse duration of 100 ns (fwhm). A new cavity arrangement is used inExpand
Ultraviolet 45-GW coherent pulse for laser matter interaction.
A team of scientists and industrial partners is conducting a one year study for pre definition of an active Lidar payload to complement the existing and foreseen passive space missions. Expand