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Communication and Uncertainty in Concurrent Engineering
We present an analytical model of concurrent engineering, where an upstream and a down-stream task are overlapped to minimize time-to-market. Expand
On Uncertainty, Ambiguity, and Complexity in Project Management
We develop a model of a project as a payoff function that depends on the state of the world and the choice of a sequence of actions. Expand
Project Management Under Risk : Using the Real Options Approach to Evaluate Flexibility in R & D Arnd Huchzermeier
Managerial °exibility has value in the context of uncertain R&D projects, as management can repeatedly gather information about uncertain project and market characteristics and, based on thisExpand
Managing the Unknown: A New Approach to Managing High Uncertainty and Risk in Projects
Introduction. PART I. A NEW LOOK AT PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT. Chapter 1. PRM Best Practice: The PCNet Project. Chapter 2. The Limits of Established PRM: The Circored Project. Chapter 3. A Broader LookExpand
Managing project uncertainty: from variation to chaos
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Lost Roots: How Project Management Came to Emphasize Control over Flexibility and Novelty
The discipline of project management (PM) adheres to the dominant model of the project life cycle or phased stage-gate approach to executing projects. This implies a clear definition of mission andExpand
Managing the Process of Engineering Change Orders: The Case of the Climate Control System in Automobile Development
Abstract Engineering change orders (ECOs) are part of almost every development process, consuming a significant part of engineering capacity and contributing heavily to development and tool costs.Expand
Problem - Solving Oscillations in Complex Engineering Projects
This paper builds a mathematical model of a complex design project that is divided into components (subproblems) and integrated back to the system. Expand
Measuring the Effectiveness of Overlapping Development Activities
We statistically measure the effectiveness of overlapping development activities in reducing project completion time. Expand
Diagnosing Unforeseeable Uncertainty in a New Venture
A qualitative assessment of knowledge gaps and vulnerability to unknown unknowns is possible, and that a structured, process-like approach can be used to identify subproblems for which the management team can identify knowledge gaps. Expand