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Identification of Chemosensory Genes Based on the Transcriptomic Analysis of Six Different Chemosensory Organs in Spodoptera exigua
Insects have a complex chemosensory system that accurately perceives external chemicals and plays a pivotal role in many insect life activities. Thus, the study of the chemosensory mechanism hasExpand
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The Invasive Wetland Plant Alternanthera philoxeroides Shows a Higher Tolerance to Waterlogging than Its Native Congener Alternanthera sessilis
Plant invasion is one of the major threats to natural ecosystems. Phenotypic plasticity is considered to be important for promoting plant invasiveness. High tolerance of stress can also increaseExpand
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Facile access to 2,5-diaryl fulleropyrrolidines: magnesium perchlorate-mediated reaction of [60]fullerene with arylmethylamines and aryl aldehydes
The facile one-step reaction of [60]fullerene with arylmethanamines and aryl aldehydes in the presence of magnesium perchlorate under air conditions generated a series of scarce 2,5-diarylExpand
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Brief Summary of Holochlorini (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae), with Description of Seven New Species from China
Inclusion of the tribe Holochlorini has been questionable, for its complicated history and its controversial important diagnostic character about structure of tibial tympana. Here we brieflyExpand
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Climate change may alter genetic diversity of Duchesnea indica, a clonal plant species
Climate change may alter the genetic diversity of plants. However, the relationship between genetic diversity in clonal plant species and climate change is unclear. To address this, we examined aExpand
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Flocking of muti-agents with obstacle avoidance based on limit-cycle
The control of flocking motion must be effective to avoid the various obstacles, and maintain the formation to the target point. A decentralized control method is used to control intelligent groupsExpand
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ABSTRACT The genus Pseudopsyra Hebard is reviewed and illustrated. Two new species Pseudopsyra yunnani and P. hannani, both from southern China are described. A key to the species is given. Two knownExpand
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New taxa and records of Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from China
Two new genera, Semicarinata gen. nov., and Qinlingea gen. nov., are described from China, with description of one new species, S. colorata sp. nov., and one new combination, Q. brachystylata (LiuExpand
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A review of the genus Ruidocollaris Liu (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), with description of six new species from China
The validity of Ruidocollaris Liu is re-confirmed based on abundant material from China. A review on Ruidocollaris in the world is given, with a list of nine species. Characters of the stridulatoryExpand