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Modes of propagation of Ca(2+)-induced Ca2+ release in bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cells.
The results suggest that CICR activated by Ca2+ entry or caffeine occurs predominantly in the submembrane region causing an inwardly spreading Ca 2+ wave or [Ca2+]i oscillations, and that the nuclear envelope can cause CICC in the nucleoplasm, which is delayed due to Ca2- diffusion barrier at the nuclear pores.
Anti-nicotinic properties of anticholinergic antiparkinson drugs.
The experiments demonstrate that the anticholinergic antiparkinson drugs and mecamylamine effectively antagonize nicotine- induced convulsion, but atropine does not; some of these drugs have competitive properties whereas others seem to have both competitive and non-competitive properties in antagonizing nicotine-induced convulsion in mice.
Pharmacology: Anti‐nicotinic Properties of Anticholinergic Antiparkinson Drugs
The nature of the antagonism by anticholinergic compounds of nicotine‐induced convulsion in mice has not been defined clearly. Although, because they do not compete effectively for agonist binding to
Neostigmine competitively inhibited nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in sympathetic neurons.
The results indicate that neostigmine depress neuronal nAChRs in a competitive, concentration-dependent and voltage-independent manner, and can not facilitate desensitization of the receptors.
Activity-dependent enhancement of miniature excitatory postsynaptic current amplitude and its modulation by protein kinase C in cultured rat sympathetic neurons
The results suggest that repeated Ca2+ entry through the channel pore of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor enhances the efficacy of its opening and the activation of protein kinase C inhibits the enhancement.
Effects of nicotine on 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridine-induced depression of striatal dopamine content and spontaneous locomotor activity in C57 black mice.
It was demonstrated that the lethal effect of MPTP was also partly protected by the chronic Nicotine treatment, and the chronic nicotine treatment also significantly protected MPTP-depressed spontaneous locomotor activity in mice.
Competitive and allosteric binding of 2 alpha-DHET and its optical isomers to rat cardiac muscarinic receptors.
  • Z. Gao, C. Liu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    European journal of pharmacology
  • 28 April 1995
The possibility of both competitive and allosteric interactions of 2 alpha-(2',2'-disubstituted-hydroxy-ethoxy)tropane and its four optical isomers with rat cardiac muscarinic receptors was studied and theallosteric potencies were found not to be correlated with their binding potencies.
The effects of a new cholinolytic--8018--and its optical isomers on the central muscarinic and nicotinic receptors.
These compounds can prevent soman-induced electroencephalographic seizures in rats by both their central M- and N-cholinolytic actions.
[Blind patch clamp whole-cell recording technique for neurons in hippocampal slices].
The blind patch clamp whole-cell recording technique for CA1 pyramidal neurons in hippocampal slices was carefully introduced, the key procedures and the points for attention were emphasized and the results provide a scientific basis for study of dynamic properties of ion channels on hippocampal neurons and the effects of drugs on synaptic activity.