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Initial review of methods for cascading failure analysis in electric power transmission systems IEEE PES CAMS task force on understanding, prediction, mitigation and restoration of cascading failures
Large blackouts are typically caused by cascading failure propagating through a power system by means of a variety of processes. Because of the wide range of time scales, multiple interactingExpand
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Short-Term Congestion Forecasting in Wholesale Power Markets
Short-term congestion forecasting is highly important for market participants in wholesale power markets that use locational marginal prices (LMPs) to manage congestion. Accurate congestionExpand
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Vulnerability Assessment of Cybersecurity for SCADA Systems
Vulnerability assessment is a requirement of NERC's cybersecurity standards for electric power systems. The purpose is to study the impact of a cyber attack on supervisory control and dataExpand
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Computation of Milestones for Decision Support During System Restoration
System restoration involves status assessment, optimization of generation capability, and load pickup. The optimization problem needs to take complex constraints into consideration, and therefore, itExpand
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Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures: Attack and Defense Modeling
Disruption of electric power operations can be catastrophic on national security and the economy. Due to the complexity of widely dispersed assets and the interdependences among computer,Expand
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An expert system operational aid for restoration and loss reduction of distribution systems
An application of expert system techniques to the restoration of distribution systems is reported. Primary feeders are typically radial in structure. To increase system reliability, neighboringExpand
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Distribution System Restoration With Microgrids Using Spanning Tree Search
Distribution system restoration (DSR) is aimed at restoring loads after a fault by altering the topological structure of the distribution network while meeting electrical and operational constraints.Expand
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Risk assessment in energy trading
This paper provides a state-of-the-art summary of risk assessment in energy trading. Techniques from financial engineering are needed by electric energy companies to manage price risk. These toolsExpand
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Microgrids for Service Restoration to Critical Load in a Resilient Distribution System
Microgrids can act as emergency sources to serve critical loads when utility power is unavailable. This paper proposes a resiliency-based methodology that uses microgrids to restore critical loads onExpand
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Chance-Constrained Economic Dispatch With Non-Gaussian Correlated Wind Power Uncertainty
Extending traditional deterministic economic dispatch to incorporate significant stochastic wind power is an important but challenging task in today's power system decision making. In this paper,Expand
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