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Fish life in the kelp beds and the effects of kelp harvesting
It is concluded that kelp harvesting, as cutrrently practiced, has no seriously detrimental effects on fishing. Expand
Fish Bulletin 160. Observations On Fishes Associated With Kelp Beds in Southern California
This bulletin is meant to be a guide to the fishes of the west-central coast of North America that commonly occur in kelp beds and adjacent areas. The fishes described are common species, and thisExpand
Notes on the Life History of Two Californian Pomacentrids: Garibaldis, Hypsypops rubicunda (Girard), and Blacksmiths, Chromis punctipinnis (Cooper)
The range, life history, food, competitors, predators, and ectoparasitic cleaners of H ypsypops rubicunda and Chromis punctipinnis are considered. Both species exhibit elaborate prespawning and spawExpand
Life History and Ecological Notes on the Tubenose, Aulorhynchus flavidus, a Hemibranch Fish of Western North Americal'2
The tubenose, or tube-snout, Aulorhynchus flavidus Gill, attains a length of at least 165 mm, but the mean standard length of adults examined was 142.9 mm, suggesting that spawning is not seasonal. Expand