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New derivatives benzothiophene, benzofuran and indole, their process for the preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Compounds of general formula (I): (CF DRAWING IN BOPI) wherein: X represents an oxygen, sulfur or a group NR3 wherein R3 is as defined in the description, Y represents an oxygen atom , sulfur, a NR 3Expand
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Selection of S18326 as a new potent and selective boronic acid direct thrombin inhibitor.
Using enzymatic microassays, the potency of a series of new boroarginine tripeptides was determined versus thrombin and a panel of serine-proteases implicated in the coagulation and fibrinolysisExpand
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New tripeptidic thrombin inhibitors. Influence of P2 and P3 residues on activity and selectivity.
Structural variations of P2 and P3 residues in tripeptidic boroarginine thrombin inhibitors led to compounds with similar potency than reference compound DuP 714, but with enhanced selectivity forExpand
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Large Scale Preparation of Protected 4-Aminomethylbenzamidine. Application to The Synthesis of the Thrombin Inhibitor, Melagatran
Abstract To allow the preparation of melagatran on a multigram scale, we have investigated several approaches for the synthesis of the key intermediate 4-aminomethylbenzamidine. The only industriallyExpand
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Heterocyclisations des hydroxy-6 methoxy-2 hexene-2 et heptene-2 oates de methyle.
Abstract Tetrahydropyran derivatives 14 – 17 and 22 – 25 are formed in good yields by cyclisation of methyl-6-hydroxy-2-hexenoate 6 or 2-heptenoate 7 mediated by various electrophilic reagentsExpand
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Total synthesis of (+,-)fredericamycin A
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Contribution a la synthese totale de la fredericamycine a : preparation des structures cles permettant l'approche du systeme cyclique abcdef
La fredericamycine a, decouverte en 1981, suscite l'interet de nombreux chimistes, aussi bien par ses proprietes antibacteriennes, antifongiques et antitumorales que par sa structure originale. CeExpand