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Two scales for measuring patients' perceptions for coercion during mental hospital admission.
Two scales for measuring psychiatric patients' perceptions of coercion during hospital admission are presented and data is reported on the internal consistency of these scales' internal consistency. Expand
Perceived coercion in mental hospital admission. Pressures and process.
Patients' feelings of being coerced concerning admission appears to be closely related to their sense of procedural justice, and clinicians can minimize the experience of coercion even among those legally committed by attending more closely to procedural justice issues. Expand
Coercion and commitment: understanding involuntary mental hospital admission.
False hopes and best data: consent to research and the therapeutic misconception.
Appelbaum et al. suggest ways in which patients can be made to understand the differences between treatment and research, and the disadvantages and advantages of participation in the latter. Expand
Tests of competency to consent to treatment.
The authors describe the various tests of competency to consent to treatment used today and analyze the applicability of these tests to patients' decisions to accept or refuse psychiatric treatment. Expand
Perceptions of coercion in the admission of voluntary and involuntary psychiatric patients.
The therapeutic misconception: informed consent in psychiatric research.
The process by which informed consent has become an accepted part of medical and psychiatric research is reflected in the evolution of the voluminous professional literature on the subject, and what information must be communicated to achieve the desired ends is considered. Expand
The accuracy of predictions of violence to others.
The level of patient violence reported using self-reports and collateral reports was higher than has been obtained using other methods, and clinical judgment adds to predictive accuracy, but overall accuracy was modest and particularly low for female patients. Expand
Family, clinician, and patient perceptions of coercion in mental hospital admission. A comparative study.
Clinical Trials and Medical Care: Defining the Therapeutic Misconception
A key component of informed consent to participate in medical research includes understanding that research is not the same as treatment.