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Robust depth estimation for light field via spinning parallelogram operator
We propose a spinning parallelogram operator (SPO) for depth estimation on Epipolar Plane Image (EPI) that is insensitive to occlusion, noise, and aliasing. Expand
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yaSpMV: yet another SpMV framework on GPUs
SpMV is a key linear algebra algorithm and has been widely used in many important application domains. Expand
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Nanoscale live-cell imaging using hopping probe ion conductance microscopy
We describe hopping mode scanning ion conductance microscopy that allows noncontact imaging of the complex three-dimensional surfaces of live cells with resolution better than 20 nm. We tested theExpand
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Expanded base editing in rice and wheat using a Cas9-adenosine deaminase fusion
Nucleotide base editors in plants have been limited to conversion of cytosine to thymine. Here, we describe a new plant adenine base editor based on an evolved tRNA adenosine deaminase fused to theExpand
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Review of Silicon Photonics Foundry Efforts
  • A. Lim, J. Song, +6 authors T. Liow
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum…
  • 1 July 2014
Silicon photonics have progressed to a point where the next step for commercialization depends on the accessibility of manufacturing foundries. The implementation of a fabless foundry model usingExpand
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New Results About the Boomerang Uniformity of Permutation Polynomials
We present an equivalent technique to compute BCT and the boomerang uniformity, which seems to be much simpler than the original definition by Cid <italic>et al . Expand
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Botnet: Survey and Case Study
We discuss in detail the botnet and related research including infection mechanism, bot network malicious behavior, command and control models, communication protocols, botnet detection, and botnet defense. Expand
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The Norm of Reciprocity: Scale Development and Validation in the Chinese Context
To add greater theoretical precision to a fundamental construct in social exchange theory namely, Gouldner's norm of reciprocity, this study developed a measure of Sahlins' generalized, balanced, andExpand
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Entropy theory‐based criterion for hydrometric network evaluation and design: Maximum information minimum redundancy
[1] Hydrometric information constitutes the fundamental input for planning, design, operation, and management of water resources systems. How to optimally site monitoring gauges such that they areExpand
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Effect of conductive polymers coated anode on the performance of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and its biodiversity analysis.
Conductive polymer, one of the most attractive electrode materials, has been applied to coat anode of MFC to improve its performance recently. In this paper, two conductive polymer materials,Expand
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