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Microbially-accelerated consolidation of oil sands tailings. Pathway I: changes in porewater chemistry
Dispersed clay particles in mine tailings and soft sediments remain suspended for decades, hindering consolidation and challenging effective management of these aqueous slurries. Current geotechnicalExpand
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Trade Blocks and the Gravity Model: Evidence from Latin American Countries
We apply the gravity model to examine the effects of the Andean Community and Mercosur on both intra-regional and intra-industrial trade in the period 1980- 1997. After accounting for size distanceExpand
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Peptide-activated double-negative T cells can prevent autoimmune type-1 diabetes development.
Autoimmune diseases may develop because of defective maturation, activation, differentiation and function of regulatory T cells. Previous studies have shown that exposure to donor antigen activatesExpand
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Metagenomics of Hydrocarbon Resource Environments Indicates Aerobic Taxa and Genes to be Unexpectedly Common
Oil in subsurface reservoirs is biodegraded by resident microbial communities. Water-mediated, anaerobic conversion of hydrocarbons to methane and CO2, catalyzed by syntrophic bacteria andExpand
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The gender wage gap and wage arrears in Russia: Evidence from the RLMS
Abstract.This paper re-examines the gender wage gap in Russia between 1994 and 1998 taking into account the pervasiveness of Russia’s non-payment institutions. Using censored regression techniques weExpand
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Firm Dynamics and Institutional Participation: A Case Study on Informality of Micro Enterprises in Peru
Using panel data on micro-enterprises from Peru, we find evidence suggesting that firm dynamics explain 'formality', i.e. the decision to participate in societal institutions. In particular, we findExpand
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Microbially-accelerated consolidation of oil sands tailings. Pathway II: solid phase biogeochemistry
Consolidation of clay particles in aqueous tailings suspensions is a major obstacle to effective management of oil sands tailings ponds in northern Alberta, Canada. We have observed thatExpand
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Fast and Simple Analysis of MiSeq Amplicon Sequencing Data with MetaAmp
Microbial community profiling by barcoded 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing currently has many applications in microbial ecology. The low costs of the parallel sequencing of multiplexed samples,Expand
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Debt arrears in Latin America: Do political variables matter?
  • C. Li
  • Economics
  • 1 July 1992
Political instability and debt problems characterise Latin America in the last two decades. This article estimated a logit model of debt arrears including economic as well as political variables. OurExpand
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Consumption smoothing and vulnerability in Russia
Applying bootstrapped quantile regression to the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS) data, we examine the channels through which individuals experience and seek to cope with changes inExpand
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