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FERONIA receptor-like kinase regulates RHO GTPase signaling of root hair development
It is shown that the fer phenotypes correlated with reduced levels of active RAC/ROPs and NADPH oxidase-dependent, auxin-regulated ROS accumulation in roots and root hairs and that up-regulating RAC-ROP signaling in fer countered the mutant phenotypes. Expand
Particulate and trace gas emissions from open burning of wheat straw and corn stover in China.
Field measurements were conducted to determine particulate emissions and trace gas emissions from open burning of wheat straw and maize stover, two major agricultural residues in China, and chemical composition analysis indicates that PM2.5 is largely composed of carbon, K, and Cl. Expand
Lipid production of Chlorella vulgaris cultured in artificial wastewater medium.
It is concluded that the present research will lead to an economical technology of algal lipid production and can be competitive with petroleum at US$ 63.97 per barrel with the potential credit for wastewater treatment. Expand
Large-scale fluctuations in Precambrian atmospheric and oceanic oxygen levels from the record of U in shales
The atmosphere–ocean system experienced a progressive change from anoxic to more oxidizing conditions through time. This oxidation is traditionally envisaged to have occurred as two stepwiseExpand
Tolerance to drought and salt stress in plants: Unraveling the signaling networks
The versatile molecular convergence in the abiotic stress responsive signaling networks in the context of ROS and lipid-derived signals and the specific role of stomatal signaling is discussed and reviewed. Expand
The mitigation effects of exogenous melatonin on salinity‐induced stress in Malus hupehensis
  • C. Li, P. Wang, +6 authors F. Ma
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of pineal research
  • 1 October 2012
Here, MdNHX1 and MdAKT1 were greatly up‐regulated in the leaves, which possibly contributed to the maintenance of ion homeostasis and, thus, improved salinity resistance in plants exposed to exogenous melatonin. Expand
Long‐term exogenous application of melatonin delays drought‐induced leaf senescence in apple
To examine the potential roles of melatonin in drought tolerance, the effects of its long‐term exogenous application on ‘Hanfu’ apple were tested and it was found that melatonin helped to maintain better function of PSII under drought. Expand
Delayed senescence of apple leaves by exogenous melatonin treatment: toward regulating the ascorbate–glutathione cycle
H2O2 accumulation was inhibited by exogenous melatonin, which might have resulted from direct reactive oxygen species scavenging by melatonin and a great enhancement of ascorbate peroxidase (APX; EC, which acted on both mRNA and protein activity levels. Expand
Identification and phylogenetic analysis of an Orf virus isolated from an outbreak in sheep in the Jilin province of China.
The above results may provide some insight into the genotype of the etiological agent responsible for the contagious ecthyma dermatitis outbreak in the Jilin province, and could also provide a comparative view of the central coding region genomics of parapoxvirus (PPV). Expand
Exosomes Derived from Hypoxic Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells Deliver miR-21 to Normoxic Cells to Elicit a Prometastatic Phenotype.
The findings suggest that the hypoxic microenvironment may stimulate tumor cells to generate miR-21-rich exosomes that are delivered to normoxic cells to promote prometastatic behaviors and prompt further investigation into the therapeutic value of exosome inhibition for cancer treatment. Expand