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Major Ecological Transitions in Wild Sunflowers Facilitated by Hybridization
Hybridization is frequent in many organismal groups, but its role in adaptation is poorly understood. In sunflowers, species found in the most extreme habitats are ancient hybrids, and new geneExpand
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Cross‐species transfer of nuclear microsatellite markers: potential and limitations
Molecular ecologists increasingly require ‘universal’ genetic markers that can easily be transferred between species. The distribution of cross‐species transferability of nuclear microsatellite lociExpand
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Sympatric speciation in palms on an oceanic island
The origin of species diversity has challenged biologists for over two centuries. Allopatric speciation, the divergence of species resulting from geographical isolation, is well documented. However,Expand
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Evolution of reproductive isolation in plants
Reproductive isolation is essential for the process of speciation and much has been learned in recent years about the ecology and underlying genetics of reproductive barriers. But plant species areExpand
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Barrier to gene flow between two ecologically divergent Populus species, P. alba (white poplar) and P. tremula (European aspen): the role of ecology and life history in gene introgression
The renewed interest in the use of hybrid zones for studying speciation calls for the identification and study of hybrid zones across a wide range of organisms, especially in long‐lived taxa forExpand
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Identification and characterization of (GA/CT)n- microsatellite loci from Quercus petraea
In this study a size selected genomic library from Quercus petraea was screened for (GA/CT)n-microsatellite sequences. The resulting loci were analysed by PCR for their usefulness as molecularExpand
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Population differentiation and species cohesion in two closely related plants adapted to neotropical high‐altitude ‘inselbergs’, Alcantarea imperialis and Alcantarea geniculata (Bromeliaceae)
Isolated granitic rock outcrops or ‘inselbergs’ may provide a window into the molecular ecology and genetics of continental radiations under simplified conditions, in analogy to the use of oceanicExpand
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Patterns of variability and gene flow in Medicago citrina, an endangered endemic of islands in the western Mediterranean, as revealed by amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP)
Medicago citrina is an endangered western Mediterranean endemic that grows only on small islets of the Balearic archipelago and off the eastern Spanish coast. Only 10 isolated subpopulations areExpand
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Hybridization and the colonization of novel habitats by annual sunflowers
Although invasive plant species often have a hybrid ancestry, unambiguous evidence that hybridization has stimulated the evolution of invasive behaviors has been difficult to come by. Here, weExpand
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