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Gun crime: the market in and use of illegal firearms
Crimes involving the use of firearms comprise around 0.4 per cent of all recorded offences in England and Wales and have doubled since the mid to late-1990s (Povey and Kaiza, 2006: 81). This increaseExpand
The ‘fraud justice network’ and the infra-structure of support for individual fraud victims in England and Wales
This article explores the infra-structure of support for victims of fraud in England and Wales using a new model for examining support through what the authors call a ‘fraud justice network’, whichExpand
Fraud typologies and the victims of fraud literature review
This review profiles a wide range of frauds which affect individuals and small businesses. In particular, it looks at mass marketing, identity and small business fraud. The review highlights theExpand
Crime and Justice Statistics Collected by International Agencies
Other papers in this edition of the European Journal of Criminal Policy and Research use mainly statistics collected through the European Sourcebook on Crime and Justice Statistics but there are manyExpand
Not a victimless crime: The impact of fraud on individual victims and their families
This article uses data from the largest study of fraud victims in England Wales to date to explore the impact of fraud on victims. Thirty face-to-face interviews and nearly 800 telephone interviewsExpand
National expansion of British regional brands: parallels with internationalisation
While international and even national brand owners may be more concerned with tailoring their brands for local markets, local and regional brand owners are still keen to expand to national level.Expand
Measuring fraud in overseas aid: options and method
This study was funded by the Department for International Development (DiFD) and examined the potential for Fraud Measurement exercises in dispensing international aid. Working in a challenging andExpand
Uncovering the hidden cost of staff fraud: an assessment of 45 cases in the UK
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide evidence on the additional costs of dealing with staff fraud, beyond the initial fraud loss, based on 45 cases of staff fraud.Expand
Evaluating the case for greater use of private prosecutions in England and Wales for fraud offences
This paper considers the challenges and opportunities that exist in England and Wales for the use of private prosecutions for Fraud. It considers the need for sanctions against fraudsters: looks atExpand