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Vegetation Mitteleuropas mit den Alpen
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Large altitudinal increase in tree root/shoot ratio in tropical mountain forests of Ecuador
Summary Tropical rain forests decrease in tree height and aboveground biomass (AGB) with increasing elevation. The causes of this phenomenon remain insufficiently understood despite a number ofExpand
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Functional role of forest diversity: Pros and cons of synthetic stands and across-site comparisons in established forests
Abstract In contrast to grasslands, forests have only rarely been the subject of functional biodiversity research. This paper addresses specific problems, which arise from applying the syntheticExpand
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Altitudinal Change in LAI and Stand Leaf Biomass in Tropical Montane Forests: a Transect Study in Ecuador and a Pan-Tropical Meta-Analysis
A bstractLeaf area index (LAI) is a key parameter controlling plant productivity and biogeochemical fluxes between vegetation and the atmosphere. Tropical forests are thought to have comparably highExpand
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Ecological and socio-economic functions across tropical land use systems after rainforest conversion
Tropical lowland rainforests are increasingly threatened by the expansion of agriculture and the extraction of natural resources. In Jambi Province, Indonesia, the interdisciplinary EFForTS projectExpand
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A comparison of four different fine root production estimates with ecosystem carbon balance data in a Fagus–Quercus mixed forest
The controversy on how to measure fine root production of forests (P) most accurately continues. We applied four different approaches to determine annual rates of P in an old-growth temperate FagusExpand
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Tree Diversity, Forest Structure and Productivity along Altitudinal and Topographical Gradients in a Species‐Rich Ecuadorian Montane Rain Forest
We studied the spatial heterogeneity of tree diversity, and of forest structure and productivity in a highly diverse tropical mountain area in southern Ecuador with the aim of understanding theExpand
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Variability in radial sap flux density patterns and sapwood area among seven co-occurring temperate broad-leaved tree species.
Forest transpiration estimates are frequently based on xylem sap flux measurements in the outer sections of the hydro-active stem sapwood. We used Granier's constant-heating technique with heatingExpand
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Above- and below-ground litter production in three tropical montane forests in southern Ecuador
Litter production from above-ground (leaves, twigs, fruits, flowers) and below-ground (roots) plant organs is an important component of the cycling of carbon and nutrients in forests. TropicalExpand
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Fine root biomass and dynamics in beech forests across a precipitation gradient – is optimal resource partitioning theory applicable to water‐limited mature trees?
Summary Optimal resource partitioning theory predicts that plants should increase the ratio between water absorbing and transpiring surfaces under short water supply. An increase in fineExpand
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