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Transcriptome versus Genomic Microsatellite Markers: Highly Informative Multiplexes for Genotyping Abies alba Mill. and Congeneric Species
The availability of high-resolution, cost-effective polymorphic genetic markers displaying Mendelian inheritance is a prerequisite for fine-scale population genetic analyses as well as informedExpand
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Unexpected scenarios from Mediterranean refugial areas: disentangling complex demographic dynamics along the Apennine distribution of silver fir
Aim Mediterranean refugial areas are generally underrepresented in large-scale genetic surveys of forest trees. In the case of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.), this has led to divergent hypothesesExpand
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A last stand in the Po valley: genetic structure and gene flow patterns in Ulmus minor and U. pumila.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Ulmus minor has been severely affected by Dutch elm disease (DED). The introduction into Europe of the exotic Ulmus pumila, highly tolerant to DED, has resulted in it widelyExpand
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Local Adaptation in European Firs Assessed through Extensive Sampling across Altitudinal Gradients in Southern Europe
Background Local adaptation is a key driver of phenotypic and genetic divergence at loci responsible for adaptive traits variations in forest tree populations. Its experimental assessment requiresExpand
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Towards an optimal sampling effort for paternity analysis in forest trees: what do the raw numbers tell us?
Abstract: The ever-increasing use of paternity analysis to estimate the dispersal capability of forest trees calls for a quantitative evaluation of potential errors due to sampling design. PreviousExpand
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Development and Characterization of Three Highly Informative EST-SSR Multiplexes for Pinus halepensis mill. and their Transferability to Other Mediterranean Pines
Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) is an important component of Mediterranean forests. However, the scarcity of molecular resources limits population genetics studies shedding light onExpand
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Effective gene flow in a historically fragmented area at the southern edge of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) distribution
Fragmented populations at the edges of a species’ distribution can be highly exposed to the loss of genetic variation, unless sufficient gene flow maintains their genetic connectivity. Gene movementsExpand
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