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Magnetococcus marinus gen. nov., sp. nov., a marine, magnetotactic bacterium that represents a novel lineage (Magnetococcaceae fam. nov., Magnetococcales ord. nov.) at the base of the
Magnetotactic bacteria are a morphologically, metabolically and phylogenetically disparate array of bacteria united by the ability to biomineralize membrane-encased, single-magnetic-domain mineralExpand
A Cultured Greigite-Producing Magnetotactic Bacterium in a Novel Group of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
The crystal structure of biomineralized magnetic nanocrystals depends on environmental and genetic factors. Magnetotactic bacteria contain magnetosomes—intracellular, membrane-bounded, magneticExpand
Comparative genomic analysis of magnetotactic bacteria from the Deltaproteobacteria provides new insights into magnetite and greigite magnetosome genes required for magnetotaxis.
Magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) represent a group of diverse motile prokaryotes that biomineralize magnetosomes, the organelles responsible for magnetotaxis. Magnetosomes consist of intracellular,Expand
Ecology, Diversity, and Evolution of Magnetotactic Bacteria
SUMMARY Magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) are widespread, motile, diverse prokaryotes that biomineralize a unique organelle called the magnetosome. Magnetosomes consist of a nano-sized crystal of aExpand
Isolation and characterization of a magnetotactic bacterial culture from the Mediterranean Sea.
The widespread magnetotactic bacteria have the peculiar capacity of navigation along the geomagnetic field. Despite their ubiquitous distribution, only few axenic cultures have been obtainedExpand
Monophyletic origin of magnetotaxis and the first magnetosomes.
Horizontal gene transfer (HGT), the transfer of genetic material other than by descent, is thought to have played significant roles in the evolution and distribution of genes in prokaryotes. TheseExpand
Culture-independent characterization of a novel, uncultivated magnetotactic member of the Nitrospirae phylum.
A magnetotactic bacterium, designated strain LO-1, of the Nitrospirae phylum was detected and concentrated from a number of freshwater and slightly brackish aquatic environments in southern Nevada.Expand
Novel magnetite-producing magnetotactic bacteria belonging to the Gammaproteobacteria
Two novel magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) were isolated from sediment and water collected from the Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park and southeastern shore of the Salton Sea, respectively, andExpand
Characterization of a homogeneous taxonomic group of marine magnetotactic cocci within a low tide zone in the China Sea.
Magnetotactic bacteria are a heterologous group of motile prokaryotes, ubiquitous in aquatic habitats and cosmopolitan in distribution. Here, we studied the diversity of magnetotactic bacteria in aExpand
Phylogenetic significance of composition and crystal morphology of magnetosome minerals
Magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) biomineralize magnetosomes, nano-scale crystals of magnetite or greigite in membrane enclosures that comprise a permanent magnetic dipole in each cell. MTB control theExpand