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Essential role of GATA-4 in cell survival and drug-induced cardiotoxicity.
In recent years, significant progress has been made in understanding cardiomyocyte differentiation. However, little is known about the regulation of myocyte survival despite the fact that myocyteExpand
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Mos activates MAP kinase in mouse oocytes through two opposite pathways
Activation of mitogen‐activated protein kinase (MAPK) in maturing mouse oocytes occurs after synthesis of Mos, a MAPKKK. To investigate whether Mos acts only through MEK1, we microinjectedExpand
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Convergence of Protein Kinase C and JAK-STAT Signaling on Transcription Factor GATA-4
ABSTRACT Angiotensin II (AII), a potent vasoactive hormone, acts on numerous organs via G-protein-coupled receptors and elicits cell-specific responses. At the level of the heart, AII stimulationExpand
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The Kruppel‐like transcription factor KLF13 is a novel regulator of heart development
In humans, congenital heart defects occur in 1–2% of live birth, but the molecular mechanisms and causative genes remain unidentified in the majority of cases. We have uncovered a novel transcriptionExpand
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Study of Different Crystalline forms of Mannitol: Comparative Behaviour under Compression
AbstractMannitol is an exclpient commonly used in pharmaceutical formulation. Several polymorphic forms have been described but there are only few reports in past literature about their crystallineExpand
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An endocardial pathway involving Tbx5, Gata4, and Nos3 required for atrial septum formation
In humans, septal defects are among the most prevalent congenital heart diseases, but their cellular and molecular origins are not fully understood. We report that transcription factor Tbx5 isExpand
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Secreted apolipoprotein E reduces macrophage‐mediated LDL oxidation in an isoform‐dependent way
As an inflammatory cell, the macrophage produces various oxidizing agents, such as free radical species. These can modify LDL as a secondary effect and doing so may favor atherogenic processes. AnyExpand
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Polymorphic Transitions of Carbamazepine During Grinding and Compression
Carbamazepine is a potent anticonvulsivant, but, irregular plasma levels are noticed. The variability of therapeutic efficiency can be attributed to interindividual sensibility, chronobiologicExpand
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Distinct Expression and Function of Alternatively Spliced Tbx5 Isoforms in Cell Growth and Differentiation
ABSTRACT Mutations in the T-box transcription factor Tbx5 cause Holt-Oram syndrome, an autosomal dominant disease characterized by a wide spectrum of cardiac and upper limb defects with variableExpand
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