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Regulation of body fluid compartments during short-term spaceflight.
The fluid and electrolyte regulation experiment with seven subjects was designed to describe body fluid, renal, and fluid regulatory hormone responses during the Spacelab Life Sciences-1 (9 days) andExpand
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Biochemical responses of the Skylab crewmen: An overview
Continuous metabolic and endocrinic monitoring of Skylab crewmen established significant biochemical changes that varied in magnitude and direction but disappeared shortly after return to earth.Expand
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The endocrine and metabolic responses to space flight.
The absence of hydrostatic forces, which results in body fluid shifts, and the absence of deformation forces on normally load-bearing tissues, appear to cause the principal disturbances found duringExpand
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Collagen cross-link excretion during space flight and bed rest.
Extended exposure to weightlessness results in bone loss. However, little information exists as to the precise nature or time course of this bone loss. Bone resorption results in the release ofExpand
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Venous pressure in man during weightlessness.
To determine whether the body fluid shift from the lower limbs toward the head that occurs during spaceflight leads to lasting increases of venous pressure in the upper body, venous pressure andExpand
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Quantitation of tissue loss during prolonged space flight.
An analysis of data from the three Skylab missions was performed to assess the lean body mass (LBM) and fat components of inflight body weight loss. Six methods for determining LBM were employedExpand
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Mineral and Nitrogen Metabolic Studies, Experiment M071
The similarity between bed rest test and space flight effects on human mineral and nitrogen metabolisms indicates impairment of capable musculoskeletal functions. A pattern of urinary calciumExpand
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Mineral and nitrogen metabolic studies on Skylab orbital space flights.
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Observations in energy balance in man during spaceflight.
An investigation was undertaken of the changes in metabolic energy balance which occur in weightlessness. Daily energy intake was determined each day throughout the 28-, 59-, and 84-day flights forExpand
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An overview of the endocrine and metabolic changes in manned space flight.
  • C. Leach
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Acta astronautica
  • 1 September 1981
In the years since the Skylab Program, endocrinology and metabolism have gone through stages of development that can be characterized as descriptive, both physiological and biochemical. At theExpand
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