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Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan Increases VEGF165-induced Endothelial Cell Migration by Enhancing VEGF165 Binding to VEGFR-2 and NRP1*
Therapeutic induction of angiogenesis is a potential treatment for chronic ischemia. Heparan sulfate proteoglycans are known to play an important role by their interactions with proangiogenic growthExpand
Fabrication of porous polysaccharide-based scaffolds using a combined freeze-drying/cross-linking process.
Biocompatible three-dimensional (3-D) porous scaffolds are of great interest for tissue engineering applications. We here present a novel combined freeze-drying/cross-linking process to prepareExpand
Proliferation and differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cell encapsulated in polyelectrolyte complexation fibrous scaffold.
A biofunctional scaffold was constructed with human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) encapsulated in polyelectrolyte complexation (PEC) fibers. Human MSCs were either encapsulated in PEC fibers andExpand
A nano-hydroxyapatite--pullulan/dextran polysaccharide composite macroporous material for bone tissue engineering.
Research in bone tissue engineering is focused on the development of alternatives to allogenic and autologous bone grafts that can stimulate bone healing. Here, we present scaffolds composed of theExpand
Doxorubicin release triggered by alginate embedded magnetic nanoheaters: a combined therapy.
www.MaterialsViews.com C O M M Doxorubicin Release Triggered by Alginate Embedded Magnetic Nanoheaters: A Combined Therapy U N IC A T Séverine Brulé , Michael Levy , Claire Wilhelm , DidierExpand
Planar and tubular patterning of micro and nano-topographies on poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel for improved endothelial cell responses.
Poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel (PVA) is a widely used material for biomedical devices, yet there is a need to enhance its biological functionality for in vitro and in vivo vascular application.Expand
Intervertebral disc regeneration: From cell therapy to the development of novel bioinspired endogenous repair strategies.
Low back pain (LBP), frequently associated with intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration, is a major public health concern. LBP is currently managed by pharmacological treatments and, if unsuccessful,Expand
High-resolution 1.5-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging for tissue-engineered constructs: a noninvasive tool to assess three-dimensional scaffold architecture and cell seeding.
Tissue-engineered scaffolds are made of biocompatible polymers with various structures, allowing cell seeding, growth, and differentiation. Noninvasive imaging methods are needed to studyExpand
Toward the development of biomimetic injectable and macroporous biohydrogels for regenerative medicine.
Repairing or replacing damaged human tissues has been the ambitious goal of regenerative medicine for over 25years. One promising approach is the use of hydrated three-dimensional scaffolds, known asExpand
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Targeted by Functionalized Polysaccharide Microparticles: a new Tool for SPECT Imaging
Aneurysm diagnostic is nowadays limited by the lack of technology that enables early detection and rupture risk prediction. New non invasive tools for molecular imaging are still required. In theExpand