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DNA waves and water
Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions. This phenomenon appears to be triggered by the ambient electromagneticExpand
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Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves
Abstract The experimental conditions by which electromagnetic signals (EMS) of low frequency can be emitted by diluted aqueous solutions of some bacterial and viral DNAs are described. That theExpand
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Visualizing the elimination of sharkskin through fluoropolymer additives: Coating and polymer–polymer slippage
We developed a capillary rheo-optics technique to visualize how fluoropolymer polymer processing additives (PPA) eliminate a surface distortion called “sharkskin” in the extrudate of linearExpand
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Factors influencing the formation of elongated morphologies in immiscible polymer blends during melt processing
The morphology of the dispersed phase in immiscible polymer blends plays an important role in the determination of the final physical properties. This paper considers factors that influence the finalExpand
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Water Bridging Dynamics of Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Gauge Theory Paradigm of Quantum Fields
We discuss the role of water bridging the DNA-enzyme interaction by resorting to recent results showing that London dispersion forces between delocalized electrons of base pairs of DNA areExpand
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The influence of interfacial interactions on the morphology and thermal properties of binary polymer blends
In order to understand the influence of interfacial modification in polyamide/ionomer/ polypropylene ternary blends, the binary blends were investigated. In this study two multiphase blends have beenExpand
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Electromagnetic detection of HIV DNA in the blood of AIDS patients treated by antiretroviral therapy
Electromagnetic signals of low frequency have been shown to be durably produced in aqueous dilutions of the Human Imunodeficiency Virus DNA. In vivo, HIV DNA signals are detected only in patientsExpand
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Synthesis and polymerization of racemic and optically active β‐substituted β‐propiolactones. II: β‐monosubstituted and β‐disubstituted monomers and polymers with different optical purities
β-(trichloromethyl)-β-propiolactone (CCl3-PL), β-(trifluoromethyl,methyl)-β-propiolactone (CF3, Me-PL) and β-(trifluoromethyl,ethyl)-β-propiolactone (CF3,Et-PL) have been obtained by the reaction ofExpand
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More on the prediction of molecular weight distributions of linear polymers from their rheology
Two methods have been extended (those due to Tuminello and to Shaw), among the several currently available, for calculating the molecular weight distribution function W(M) of linear polymers fromExpand
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Stereocomplexation of isotactic polyesters of opposite configurations
Preparation de melanges binaires de poly(α-methyl α-ethyl β-propiolactone), la tacticite d'un composant etant constante, celle de l'autre allant de l'isotacticite a l'atacticite. Pont de fusion duExpand
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