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γ-glutamyl-β-cyanoalanylglycine, a metabolite of β-cyanoalanine in the rat and chick
The young rat or chick fed β-cyanoalanine accumulates in certain tissues a new substance which has been isolated in crystalline form and identified chemically as γ-glutamyl-β-Cyanoalanylglycine, which may provide insight into the etiology of some of the α-glUTamyl oligopeptides present in animal tissue. Expand
Biosynthesis of cyanide from [2-14C-15N]glycine in Chromobacterium violaceum.
In the biosynthesis of HCN from the α-carbon of glycine by proliferating cells of Chromabacterium violaceum Strain 9, the methylene C-N bond is retained, as shown by the use of 14C and 15N isotopes.Expand
Beta-cyanoalanine as a substrate for asparaginase. Stoichiometry, kinetics, and inhibition.
L -Asparaginases from guinea pig serum and Escherichia coli catalyze the hydrolysis of l -β-cyanoalanine in aqueous solution, paralleled by the formation of aspartic acid and NH 3 in the expected stoichiometric amounts. Expand
Biosynthesis of asparagne from β-L-[14C15N]cyanoalanine in Lathyrus sylvestris W. seedlings origin of the amide nitrogen
β-L-[1415N]Cyanoalanine administered to Lathyrus sylvestris W. seedlings formed asparagine with complete retention of cyano nitrogen. The β-cyanoalanine pathway for the young plant may be a means ofExpand
Configuration of the asparaginyl and aspartyl residues of bacitracin.