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Different Levels of Transcriptional Regulation Due to Trophic Constraints in the Reduced Genome of Buchnera aphidicola APS
ABSTRACT Symbiotic associations involving intracellular microorganisms and animals are widespread, especially for species feeding on poor or unbalanced diets. Buchnera aphidicola, the obligateExpand
Normal rat uterine stromal cells in continuous culture: characterization and progestin regulation of growth.
Stromal cells were isolated from rat uterus by sequential enzymatic digestion and density fractionation on Percoll gradient and subcultured by trypsinization. Two stable subcultures, named UII andExpand
Magnum morphogenesis during the natural development of the quail oviduct: analysis of egg white proteins and progesterone receptor concentration.
The histological development of the quail oviduct and the changes in concentrations of progesterone receptor, ovalbumin, conalbumin, ovomucoid and ovoglycocomponents are analyzed during the periodExpand
[Ciliogenesis in the mucous cells of the quail oviduct. II. Hormonal control]
The hormonal control of ciliogenesis and transformation of mucous cells was studied in the oviduct (magnum) of ovariectomized quails. Estradiol benzoate induces ciliogenesis with doses varying fromExpand
Development of the oviduct in quail during sexual maturation in relation to plasma concentrations of oestradiol and progesterone.
The macromolecular content (DNA, soluble proteins and ovalbumin) of the magnum and the plasma concentrations of oestradiol and progesterone were studied during sexual development of the JapaneseExpand
Phospholipase A2 inhibitors regulate the proliferation of normal uterine cells.
The effects of inhibitors of phospholipase A2, cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and cytochrome P450 activity on the proliferation of normal rat uterine stromal cells (UIII) were studied. At non-cytotoxicExpand
Bis(monoacylglycerol) phosphate in rat uterine stromal cells: structural characterization and specific esterification of docosahexaenoic acid.
In rat uterine stromal cells (U(III) cells), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) was esterified extensively in alkenylacyl-glycerophosphoethanolamine and in an unknown phospholipid accounting for only 0.7% ofExpand
Molecular Requirements for the Insecticidal Activity of the Plant Peptide Pea Albumin 1 Subunit b (PA1b)*
PA1b (pea albumin 1, subunit b) is a small and compact 37-amino acid protein, isolated from pea seeds (Pisum sativum), that adopts a cystine knot fold. It acts as a potent insecticidal agent againstExpand
Alpha-fetoprotein serum levels and the development of estrogen-sensitive cell multiplication in the hamster uterus.
Subcutaneous injections of 5 or 25 micrograms estradiol-17 beta (E2)/kg in ovariectomized adult hamsters produced substantial increases in uterine wet weight, protein content and the mitotic indicesExpand