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Enrichment of Fetal Nucleated Red Blood Cells from the Maternal Circulation for Prenatal Diagnosis: Experiences with Triple Density Gradient and MACS Based on More than 600 Cases
The enrichment technique proved to be optimized with respect to various methodological parameters, and it is efficient and reproducible for the enrichment of NRBCs from the maternal circulation in all three gestational trimesters. Expand
Plastic Debris Occurrence, Convergence Areas and Fin Whales Feeding Ground in the Mediterranean Marine Protected Area Pelagos Sanctuary: A Modeling Approach
The Mediterranean Sea is greatly affected by marine litter. In this area, research on the impact of plastic debris (including microplastics) on biota, particularly large filter-feeding species suchExpand
Evaluation of empirical and semi-analytical chlorophyll algorithms in the Ligurian and North Tyrrhenian Seas
Abstract. The estimation of chlorophyll concentration in marine waters is fundamental for a number of scientific and practical purposes. Standard ocean color algorithms applicable to moderateExpand
Small-scale variability of the current in the Strait of Bonifacio
Current dynamics in the Strait of Bonifacio (south Corsica) were investigated at a small scale during the STELLAMARE1 multidisciplinary cruise in summer 2012, using in situ measurements and modelingExpand
Evolution of minor polar compounds and antioxidant capacity during storage of bottled extra virgin olive oil.
We characterized "Olivastra Seggianese" extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and evaluated its chemical and sensory characteristics and antioxidant and antiradical activities during storage under novelExpand
Administration of minor polar compound-enriched extra virgin olive oil decreases platelet aggregation and the plasma concentration of reduced homocysteine in rats.
Results show that MPC in EVOO inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce the plasma rHcy concentration, effects that may be associated with cardiovascular protection. Expand
Nutritional Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the Emilia-Romagna Region: Profiles of Phenols, Vitamins and Fatty Acids
Publisher Summary Emilia-Romagna, along with Apulia, Abruzzo and Tuscany, is one of the four Italian regions where national genetic and sanitary certification processes have started. This process isExpand
Autochthonous cultivars of Emilia Romagna region and their clones: Comparison of the chemical and sensory properties of olive oils.
Most of the new clones exhibited overall higher qualitative standards than the cultivars, producing monovarietal oils interesting both nutritionally and from a sensory point of view, and furthermore with a beneficial effect on health. Expand
Assessment of three algorithms for the operational estimation of [CHL] from MODIS data in the Western Mediterranean Sea
Abstract Three algorithms based on MODIS imagery were evaluated for the estimation of Chlorophyll-a concentration ([CHL]) in the Western Mediterranean Sea. The first algorithm (OC3M) is usuallyExpand